Qover-me: tailor-made digital travel insurance

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Travel is gradually resuming in Europe and travellers are trying to project themselves into a "post-coronavirus" with a great need to change air. To date, many European countries have already announced the reopening of their borders in the coming weeks, allowing travel this summer. In this world full of uncertainties, insurance allows you to travel with peace of mind.

Becoming a Qover partner is easy and profitable

We are the fastest growing InsurTech in Europe.

Over the past four years, Qover has built a unique insurance infrastructure in the cloud that insures more than 75,000 people across Europe. Big names such as Deliveroo, Wolt, Immoweb, Cowboy, Q8 and many others have already chosen Qover as their digital insurance partner.

At Qover, we manage the entire insurance value chain: from product creation to portfolio management and the relationship with the risk carrier. Our customer satisfaction rate is consistently at 95%, the highest ever in the insurance industry!

Qover-me, 100% digital travel insurance

Our range of products and functionalities is constantly evolving thanks to our partners’ trust.With our new 100% digital travel insurance product 'Qover-me', we offer the possibility to build the coverage that best suits the needs of your customers thanks to a complete and transparent basic offer that can be enriched according to specific needs.Our insurance consists of three packages tailored to the needs of your customers:

These packages cover different types of stays: short stay, long stay, temporary or annual coverage

Some options can also be selected: death and disability insurance, luggage and personal effects insurance or trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Integrating our digital travel insurance product on your platform is quick and easy. In just a few clicks, we create an affiliate link for you. With every sale, you benefit from an additional source of income in an easy way.

Are you interested in our product? Do not hesitate to contact us via the form below for more information!

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