Brussels, March 5 - A select group of Belgian start-ups launches a tailor-made insurance package for their respective communities. Start-ups, i-Lance and Accountable will offer the insurance, created by Qover.


Qover helps digital platforms cover their communities by embedding additional insurance plans directly to their solution. Qover’s solution has been built with the latest technology in order to provide an insurance solution that is aligned with the expectations of today’s consumers; it’s simple, flexible and fair. The company has been growing exponentially and covers more than 20.000 individuals.

Quentin Colmant, CEO Qover “Platforms experience a huge and fast-growing demand from their communities for simple and relevant products without small print. We invested heavily in new technology to offer flexible insurance options that address the needs of a rapidly changing economy. Being able to help unburden members of your community is an incredibly powerful way to offer value. We’re very happy to announce these partnerships with some of the most promising start-ups in Belgium.”

Xavier Laoureux, co-founder “Our mission is to rethink credit by indirectly matching investors with people who are looking for funds to finance a personal project. Our community of users come first, that’s what differentiates us from banks. By adding the option for an Accident Insurance and Income Protection we are able to add yet another level of value to our customer experience. Being helpful at the right time is what will make us win.”

Daniel Azbel, founder i-Lance: ”The number of freelancers has been growing steadily for years and we promise them to help them to focus on their work. Only 1 percent of freelancers would like to become an employee, but at the same time, 56% is worried about their social security. It’s a huge pain for freelancers but an opportunity for us to relieve that pain.”

Nicolas Quarré, CEO Accountable: ”Our mission at Accountable is to make the lives of self-employed workers easier. Our app provides freelancers with a complete oversight of their business, lets them create invoices and get real-time visibility on their taxes. By integrating a digital insurance dedicated to those freelancers to our offer, we get one step closer to our goal. ”