BeeToGreen: Using insurance to offer an all-in service and enhance customer satisfaction

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The client

BeeToGreen, a French platform dedicated to the purchase of eco-friendly bicycles, encourages sustainable mobility in companies.

In an interview with Antoine du Teilleul, Co-founder of BeeToGreen, we explored the challenge in supporting companies with their eco-mobility projects and discussed how insurance can help improve their offer and customer satisfaction.

Hello Antoine! Can you introduce us to BeeToGreen in a few words?

BeeToGreen is the first soft mobility marketplace for companies to encourage and support employees to change their daily commuting habits.

Where did you get the idea to create such a platform and what are the stakes of this approach?

There was no BtoB solution capable of combining 100% of employees' needs in terms of mobility, public aid and ease of integration into the workplace. The stakes are high because our objective is to change employees' habits with the help of their company without imposing a specific model on them. For a long-term change, we are convinced that the approach must come from themselves and we are ready to support them.

How is Qover's embedded insurance solution relevant to meet these new challenges?

By offering employees a digital insurance service that is integrated into our sales process, we simplify access to an all-in-one offer and thus improve the user experience.

By offering employees a digital insurance service [...], we simplify access to an all-in-one offer and thus improve the user experience.

BeeToGreen and Qover have many partners in common such as Cowboy, Angell, Ahooga or Leon Cycle. How important is it for your platform to be surrounded by an ecosystem of actors who work together?

In a market as fragmented and undigitalized as the bicycle market, it is essential to build strong connections between our partners in order to grow and develop together the models that will facilitate access to a more sustainable and less polluting mobility in the future.

Embedded insurance at checkout, upgrading BeeToGreen's offering

Do you have any advice for companies looking to offer bike insurance to their customers?

Get support to simplify a complex product - this will only boost your sales! Switch to Qover, a complete, easy and modern insurance product!

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