Testimonial Poppy - shared and micro mobility insurance

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The client

Poppy is the first European shared mobility platform to offer 3 mobility solutions in 1 app. Poppy is now counting almost 1.000 vehicles spread over the 2 biggest Belgian cities: Antwerp and Brussels.

The challenge

Poppy’s ambition is to grow into a multimodal mobility provider. The company’s users have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of transportation options, ranging from a shared car to a scooter, so finding a full motor and bodily injury insurance solution was an essential element of Poppy’s business plan.

We needed an innovative and flexible partner to insure our fleet of shared vehicles made of cars, scooters and kick scooters. Qover turned out to be the right partner as they rapidly allowed us to offer tailor made insurance products to our customers and acted as an insurance expert at the same time.

Valentin Haarscher
- CEO of Poppy, new mobility solution of D'Ieteren - Volkswagen / Audi

The solution & results

As a start-up, flexible pricing was essential. It would allow Poppy to minimise their fixed costs as they got their business off the ground, but it could also scale with the business as it grew. With these needs in mind, Qover set out to find the best insurer on the market for Poppy and finally identified Baloise as an ideal partner for the company.  

In collaboration with Baloise, Qover was able to propose a pay-per-kilometre solution that would include:

  • Third Party Liability
  • Full Omnium Motor Insurance
  • Legal Protection
  • Driver Accident Insurance

Just eight months after their launch in the city of Antwerp, Poppy expanded their range and made shared scooters available to their users as well. Whatever mode of transportation is preferred by Poppy’s clients, an exceptional insurance product is in place, based on the kilometres that were driven.

Qover continues to work closely with Poppy to analyse their results and claims. These regular meetings have led to the development of improvement and prevention measures that reduced claim frequency by a factor of five. This, in turn, allowed us to lower the price even further.

Whatever vehicle a user ends up using, he or she is covered by a pay as you go insurance.

Currently, the Poppy cars and scooters on the Belgian market, have driven more than 3 million kilometres. Qover was the only company capable of providing a full-fledged pay-as-you-go insurance solution that takes care of everything, including the customer care, the insurance solution itself and the claims management process.

While taking care of Poppy’s users, Qover also actively works with the company to look for the most efficient and cost-effective solutions on the market.