Protecting gig workers and attracting new talent with insurance

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The client

Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way people order food. They partner with the best restaurants in the business – from local hotspots to national favourites – and bring you the food you love, right to your door. With thousands of choices and a fleet of their own delivery riders.

The challenge

As on online food delivery platform, Deliveroo’s business model has three major stakeholders: the clients who use the platform to order food, the restaurants that prepare the food and, finally, the delivery riders who transport the food to Deliveroo’s hungry clients. Every day, Deliveroo riders set out into the buzzing city traffic to deliver their orders. Despite extensive safety guidelines and training, accidents do happen. As delivery riders are particularly vulnerable, Deliveroo needed insurance that would cover its riders in the event of an accident.

Another consideration is that riders, if found to be at fault in an accident, could also be held liable and exposed to serious financial consequences. For an individual rider, it is very difficult to find a quality insurance product that includes cover for their unique situation. Deliveroo decided that it was essential that they offer their riders insurance, giving the company a competitive edge and helping them attract great talent and retain the best riders. Initially, the goal was to roll out the insurance in Belgium, where the idea originally came from, with the aim of expanding the insurance throughout Europe in France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK.

Deliveroo Riders log in the app to start working and are automatically insured.

The solution & results

Qover leveraged its unique Pan-European insurance platform, which handles everything from IT integration to a custom insurance solution to exceptional customer care, to connect the proposed insurance solution with the Deliveroo rider app.

As part of the process, Qover scoured the market to find the best insurance partner for this unique solution and identified Wakam as an ideal candidate.

Qover’s customer care team scaled at pace with Deliveroo’s growth while maintaining an excellent customer satisfaction score.

Pan-European roll-out of insurance, scaling together with Deliveroo.

Deliveroo riders are free to choose when, where and if they wish to work. We want to ensure that each of them enjoys optimal security throughout their experience with Deliveroo.

Thanks to our partnership with Qover, we offer an insurance solution that reflects the flexible activity of our independent partners: innovative guarantees that meet the needs they express to us on a daily basis.

Mathieu De Lophem
- Former CEO Deliveroo Belgium

Qover's insurance platform allowed Deliveroo to scale its operation while maintaining a 90% customer satisfaction score. We delivered a Pan-European insurance solution combined with centralised customer care, so that the company’s local offices were freed up to focus on what they do best.

After the success of the first proof of concept in Belgium, Qover added six more countries in less than 30 days. Today, close to 40,000 riders across seven different European countries are covered while working, which translated to 3.5 million insured hours.

In each country Qover is available to help local markets with their specific insurance needs. In France for example riders were experiencing difficulties finding suitable insurance for their own bikes. In response to this, Qover developed a dedicated product for this community with a flexible subscription model, offering both a monthly and a yearly option.

Embedded insurance in the Deliveroo rider app. As soon as a rider starts working he is insured.

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