Offer the security they deserve

while they enjoy the flexibility they value

Worry-free riding 

With al the riding experience - and all the safety information meal delivery services provide - accidents can still happen. This is why we designed one of the best accident insurance packages available, to fit the needs of a rider.  

Automatically, from the moment they go online

Riders are covered automatically from the time they go online. Whenever they are on the road they will not have to worry about supporting themselves and their earnings in the event of an accident. 

Rider Liability Insurance

Wherever they go
Bodily injuries

Bodily injuries

Damage to goods

Damage to goods

Legal defence

Legal defence

Indemnity up to


Liability for bodily injury and/or accidental damage

€ 5,000,000

€ 150 for material and immaterial damage No excess for bodily injury

Liability for damage to goods 

€ 5.000

10% min €100

Non consequential intangible damage

€ 250.000


Legal defence

€ 7.500


The product in action

The white label

Travel Whitelabel

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