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Digital car insurance

Car buyers

The purchase of a car is an important investment, no wonder a lot of consumers look at a full casco insurance to protect their vehicle. However these policies only guarantee 100% of a vehicle value for a certain period and a depreciation is applied in the event of a total loss or theft of the vehicle. 

Complementary to full casco insurance

The motor GAP insurance is an opportunity to protect the purchase price of your customer's car for up to 5 years!

Digital motor GAP insurance

3 plans to suit your client's needs
Deferred start date

Deferred start date

If your casco insurer guarantees 100% of your vehicle value for a certain period, you can defer the start date of your contract for up to 3 years.

Coverage period

Coverage up to 5 years

You can protect the GAP up to the fifth anniversary of your car. The contract is concluded for one year and is tacitly renewable.

All car models

New & late-model cars

Available for new and used cars that are a maximum of 3 years old, have covered less than 100,000 km at the start date of the coverage and have been bought in the last 6 months of the purchase date of the coverage.

GAP Insurance

Start date


Coverage period

From 1 year up to 5 years

Car models

New & late models

Start date



Cancel at anytime

The product in action

The white label


white label GAP insurance white label GAP insurance

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