Fintech Creditea seamlessly embeds insurance

The client

Creditea, a Spanish Fintech company, specialises in tailor-made credit solutions for consumers. Creditea allows users to access credit that is ethical, flexible, transparent and based on the ideal of responsible lending.

The problem

For several years, Creditea have been working to democratise access to credit, striving to make it more ethical and flexible. An in-depth assessment of their customer base revealed that many of their customers are in a difficult financial situation.

Should life ever take a bad turn—like an accident resulting in permanent incapacity, hospitalisation or death—many customers don’t have enough funds to take care of their family or themselves.

Victoria Ruubel

Director, Product and Innovation

Because of Qover, we were able to have extremely short time-to-market and highly competitive products on the market.

Qover’s team is top notch – professional, motivated, knowledgeable, and ready to go an extra mile to deliver on the project. Qover technology is flexible and works 100%. Happy to work with the Qover’s team- they allow us to serve our customers with the best in the class insurances services.


To protect their customers, Creditea worked with Qover to develop a co-branded insurance product that protects people against the consequences of life’s unforeseen and unpredictable setbacks.

It was crucial for Creditea to offer the best possible product at a range of specific price points. They needed a knowledgeable and experienced partner that could co-create the insurance product with them and integrate it seamlessly with their existing platform.

After an extensive analysis of Creditea’s customers’ needs and pain points, Qover set out to bring Lloyd’s of London and the syndicate Atrium together to build the ideal product. To capture different types of customers, four variants were created that would best fit Creditea’s community, with monthly pricing ranging from €4.95 up to €11.95.

As a full-fledged insurance technology provider, Qover took care of everything. Customer support and claim handling are crucial elements of delivering a first-class insurance product, so processes for Spanish customer service and claim handling were put in place.



Creditea white label insurance flow seamlessly integrated in the existing user experience.


Qover’s digital insurance platform was plugged into Creditea’s main website to guarantee a seamless and consistent customer journey. This final integration enabled Creditea to switch from being a mono-product online lending business to a consumer credit and accident insurance.

Since the launch of this product with Creditea, Qover has also provided innovative tools and powerful best practices that will help the company to continue to increase conversions. Discussions to expand the service to other regions are ongoing.

Qover and Creditea have been working together on analysing user behouviour to improve conversions of the flow.

Qover and Creditea have been working together on analysing user behouviour to improve conversions of the flow.


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