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Opening up new market opportunities with embedded insurance

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Key benefits of embedded insurance

Integrate insurance into your strategy

Increased buyer confidence

Useful in everyday life, our insurance solutions offer your users the security and flexibility they need in a changing world.

Designed and tailored to the needs of your target groups, our flexible packages bring confidence and peace of mind to your customers.

We are a tech company, but people always come first! Our exceptional customer service team answers every question, meaning your customers are never alone.

Enhanced customer acquisition

Insurance plays a key role in expanding revenue engines and customer acquisition strategies.

With the help of our solutions, we provide complementary innovation proposals and boost your operations, particularly by helping you convert free user plans into paid plans.

We know that insurance is a complex subject, and that's why we take care of everything! Our teams support you and your customers in 32 countries across Europe.

Greater transaction volume

We understand that transactions are an important source of income for our partners.

By making insurance an integral part of your strategy, you increase your ability to create value for your customers and your business.

By surrounding ourselves with leading insurance companies, we have the ability to negotiate the best conditions at the best price anywhere in Europe.

Our insurance products for FinTech partners

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Best price protection

Get reimbursed if you find your purchase advertised at a lower price

Bill protection

Provide payments due to loss of employment or incapacity


Worldwide coverage including trip cancellation and medical expenses

Cyber liability

Covers liability from cyberattacks

Purchase protection

Protect purchases in case of theft or damage

Extended warranty

Double the original manufacturer's warranty period

Device protection

Protect phones or tablets from loss, theft or accidental damage

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