Qover aims to rock the status quo in insurance and become the insurance partner for every digital business. In essence we have built a digital native insurer without the balance sheet.


This has never been done. To do this we need to hire a special breed of employees. People who bring more to the table then skills.


What is it exactly that brought us this far?

The unique Qover culture is one of our biggest assets. Nurturing it and building a team of high performers, is what will make us win. Many great companies have admirable values written down, which is often the equivalent of throwing them to a wall and see what sticks.


If we want the best to join us, then we need to be the best at hiring. New ninjas should understand our culture immediately, because with every new ninja, we add a little more flavour to the secret sauce that makes life at Qover awesome.


During an epic hackathon in Croatia, all ninjas worked together to pin down what we stand for. This bottom-up approach uncovered 4 different pillars of what we have called the Ninja Mindset. Consider it a journey in progress, something that isn’t completed but a combination of how things are today and how we want them to be.


  1. Insure the Digital Revolution
  2. We get **it done
  3. One Dream, One Team
  4. #HackingInsurance


1. Insure the digital revolution





While business models are shifting to digital business models, the traditional insurance industry hasn't been able to offer deep value to these business models with embedded insurance.


Technology allows real-time insurance via open API's making it available on any screen or device with an internet connection. The possibilities are virtually endless and we help our partners to grab them.


  • Traditional businesses in a digital transformation that are in need of a new insurance solution
  • Gig or sharing economy players who want protection in their ecosystem
  • Digital platforms that are looking for a new source of revenues or differentiation


The only way to achieve this is to offer a frictionless, transparent and relevant experience at the right moment for end consumers.



The end goal should always be to offer a frictionless, transparent and relevant experience at the right moment. A B2B2C model where everyone wins. Insurance as a service, an opportunity not a cost.


2. We get **it done




We challenge what is there and value the process as much as the result. We are straight shooters that dare to speak up without being rude. The only way to move things forward is for Ninja's to rock the status quo.


However talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words so we execute hard and fast but don't cut corners.


If what we do was easy everybody would do it, and where's the fun in that? Ninjas meet every challenge as if it was expected and roll with the punches. Our job takes tenacity and commitment, we make it possible and always deliver



3. One Dream, One Team




Changing the world of insurance isn’t a small feat, the best ideas win so please check your ego at the door. Be present to all that is available, listen and ask great questions.


Ninjas continuously develop each other and stand united.


We are a bunch of smart people and take care of problems small and large as we see them. A ninja doesn’t hide behind a job description.



4. #HackingInsurance




We are tech pioneers entering uncharted territory so no one can tell you how to do something. Ninjas are confident and lead the way.


Inevitably failure will be part of a ninja’s path to success, it is our greatest teacher. It spawns creativity and let us tap into our courage and perseverance. We rock the boat and expect to get our feet wet.


Pushing the edge should feel slightly uncomfortable, but this is how the new Insurance Stack will grow and thrive.


Apply now: jobs@qover.com