Rent guarantee

Protecting landlords with a flexible solution combining assistance, legal protection and a rent guarantee insurance

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A piece of mind for landlords

Owners, co-owners or mandated persons

Preventing financial difficulties

Do you know that in Belgium the average number of rented premises per single landlord is five, and that a legal collection procedure for unpaid rent usually lasts 6 or 7 months and could cost up to 4,500 €?

Why Rent Guarantee Insurance?

Rent Guarantee Insurance is an efficient way to protect landlords against unpaid rent and cover the legal costs in case of a dispute arising from the non-payment of the monthly rent.

What does it cover?

Pick the plan that best suits your needs

Cover for unpaid rent

Indemnify for outstanding rental payments up to the chosen limit


Legal Protection

Coverage of legal costs in the event of a dispute arising from the non payment of the rent


Rental damages & Reinstatement costs

In case of damage, we will pay out for the cost of rehabilitation

Reimbursement of unpaid rent up to

Eligibility: Rent & Common charges should be maximum

Maximum limit of intervention

Legal Protection
Bear Legal and administrative fees for claims regarding the non-payment of the monthly rent

Accidental rental damages
Support the costs of repairing or replacing damaged fittings and fixtures up to 30,000 €

ReinstatementReimbursement of restoration costs in case of extreme tenants' negligence up to 5,000€

6 months
Excess of €250
12 months
No excess
18 months
No excess
Excess of 250 €
Excess of 250 €

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Important information

Landlord must:
  • Be aged of miniumum 18 years old.
  • Be a permanent lawful resident of Belgium.
  • Be the owner or the authorised person mandated by the owner for the rented premises.
New tenants
  • A waiting period of 60 days will apply on the start date of the insurance contract and at any subsequent change of tenants during the contract period.
Tenants is already occupying the premises
  • Tenant must be in place for more than 6 months or less than 45 days
Landlords must have the following documents in their possession:
  • The tenancy agreement signed and registered.
  • They will need to provide bank statement or equivalent proof which attest of the existence of a blocked deposit.
  • Sufficient credit reference received from the tenant (proof of solvability).
  • The initial inspection report performed within the first month of the conclusion of the tenancy agreement (for Premium formula only).

Note: if there is no tenant yet, no worries, we'll only ask for the documentation when assessing a claim.

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