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Worry-free riding

With all the riding experience - and all the safety information meal delivery services provide - accidents can still happen. This is why we designed one of the best accident insurance packages available, to fit the needs of a rider.

Automatically, from the moment they go online

Riders are covered automatically from the time they go online. Whenever they are on the road they will not have to worry about supporting themselves and their earnings in the event of an accident.

Rider accident insurance and income protection

Wherever they go


Medical expenses


Temporary incapacity


Permanent incapacity


Accidental Death

€ 50.000

Funeral Benefit

€ 3.000

Loss of sight in one eye

€ 15.000

Loss of sight in both eyes

€ 30.000

Loss of a limb

€ 50.000

Permanent Total Incapacity

€ 50.000

Temporary Total Incapacity from an Bodily Injury due to an Accident

Worked ≥ 60 days

75% of the insured person’s average gross daily income or € 50 per day (whichever is lower) for up to 30 days.

Worked < 60 days
€ 25 per day for up to maximum € 150.

You are a substitute
€ 25 up to maximum € 150 (max 6 days).

Waiting Period: 7 days

Min of 1 delivery over the last 30 days


€ 100.000


€ 100.000

Loss of hearing in both ears

€ 30.000

Loss of hearing in one ear

€ 7.500

Total and permanent loss of speech

€ 30.000

Loss of use of shoulder or elbow

€ 15.000

Loss of use of hip, wrist, knee or ankle

€ 9.000

Loss of use of the whole lower jaw

€ 13.500

Loss of use of kidney

€ 7.500

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