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Mathieu de Lophem

Former CEO Deliveroo Belgium

Deliveroo's delivery partners are free to choose when, where, if they want to work. We want to ensure that each of them enjoys optimal security throughout their experience with Deliveroo.
Thanks to our partnership with Qover, we offer an insurance solution that reflects the flexible business of our independent partners: innovative guarantees that meet the needs they express to us on a daily basis.


Valentin Haarscher

CEO of Poppy

At Poppy, we needed an innovative and flexible partner to insure our fleet of shared vehicles made of cars, scooters and kick scooters. Qover turned out to be the right partner as they rapidly allowed us to offer tailor made insurance products to our customers and acted as an insurance expert at the same time.

Our insurance products for Gig & Disruptive Mobility


Professional liability

Covers liability caused to third parties by your product or work


Legal Insurance

Covers legal costs and expenses


Public & Product Liability

Covers you for mistakes that cost your clients money


Accident Insurance

Protection against the financial hardship folliwing an accident


Income Protection

Protecting the income of Gig Workers in case of sickness or accident



Covers liability following a car accident

Use cases

Deliveroo looked for a flexible and on-demand insurance solution to protect its riders. Qover created a product dedicated specifically for the Deliveroo riders and made it available on the Deliveroo Rider app. As soon as riders log onto the app, they are protected and covered.

Poppy’s ambition is to grow into a multimodal mobility provider. The company’s users have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of transportation options, ranging from a shared car to a scooter, so finding a full motor and bodily injury insurance solution was an essential element of Poppy’s business plan.


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