Qover partners with rewards credit card Yonder

Published date
March 26, 2024
In a nutshell
  • Qover's collaboration with Yonder ensures comprehensive coverage for members' travel and accommodation expenses, including delayed departures, cancellations, lost baggage, and more.
  • Through Yonder's app, members can easily access insurance details, generate instant travel certificates, and track claim statuses, receiving push notifications for updates, simplifying the insurance process.
  • The partnership reinforces both companies' commitment to improving the credit sector, providing users with more freedom and less stress during their travels, promoting financial resilience.

Qover, insurtech leader in embedded insurance orchestration, announces its partnership with UK-based credit card fintech Yonder, offering its members a seamless and comprehensive travel insurance experience.

Yonder, a lifestyle credit card with a unique rewards program, is elevating the insurance experience for its customers through its partnership with Qover. As a result, customers are covered for travel and accommodation expenses that are paid for with their Yonder card. This includes coverage for travel essentials, such as delayed departures or cancellations, family cover, winter sports, lost or stolen baggage, personal liability and more. The insurance cover, underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, is active as soon as someone signs up for Yonder’s full membership.

Qover has worked closely with Yonder to create a bespoke insurance offering that amplifies Yonder’s commitment to providing a best-in-class experience for its users. Users can now easily access insurance coverage details, generate instant travel certificates and check claims status directly from its app. Additionally, push notifications from the app keep users informed of any changes in the claim status, ensuring a smooth user experience from start to finish.

"We believe credit is a broken sector in desperate need of a rebuild, and our partnership with Qover is an exciting step towards revolutionising credit for the next generation," said Tim Chong, CEO and co-founder of Yonder. "By integrating Qover's embedded insurance solutions, we’re able to offer our full membership customers more freedom and less stress when they travel, reinforcing our commitment to making credit more empowering."

Quentin Colmant
, CEO and Co-founder of Qover added: "This partnership is a testament to our commitment to building a global safety net through innovative insurance solutions. By working with Yonder, we are not only reinforcing our vertical domination in the fintech and financial services sector, but are also contributing to the evolution of financial resilience narratives on a global scale."

The collaboration with Yonder enhances Qover’s presence and leadership in the embedded insurance orchestration market.

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