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We're an insurtech scale-up orchestrating insurance to make it simpler, smarter and more accessible. We built our own embedded insurance orchestration platform using open APIs to help global companies like Deliveroo, Revolut, NIO, Canyon and more. From a WeWork office in the heart of Brussels, we're building an amazing international team that is already 100+ strong.






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smiling Qover employee at a work social event

We’re qommitted to caring.

Caring about people fuels everything we do. We strive to make embedded insurance accessible to all and contribute to a future where everyone feels safe and protected.

Whether with our partners, our end consumers or our qolleagues, we build good karma through fair products, high-quality service and a respectful workplace.

We’re qomfortable being uncomfortable.

Going from a start-up to where we are today is no easy task. We're propelled by an entrepreneurial spirit: being curious, flexible and resilient.

We’re not afraid of failure and learning from our mistakes. No challenge or dream is too big for our team, and we know how to roll up our sleeves and get sh*t done.
Qover employee discussing insurance with colleague
two Qover employees collaborating on a new insurance product

We work as a qollective.

We’re an international team with a global vision. There’s no inner circle here. At Qover, we value open communication, transparency and trust – leadership isn’t siloed away in their own office.

Got a question? Ask away. At the end of the day, we’re all working towards the same goal with a no bullsh*t mentality.

We listen to our qommunity.

Whether at the office or in our partnerships, we always put our qommunity first. Rather than shaping our employees, we let them shape us.

We foster a collaborative and communal environment where our people feel welcomed, valued and accepted. We encourage bold ideas, fresh perspectives and challenging the status quo.
Qover team outside in 2021
Qover employee socialises with coworkers at event

We prioritise qonnection.

Finding the right people is more important than finding people with the right skills. We believe in hiring the best cultural fit – which means being your authentic self and embracing humility, teamwork, kindness, personal growth and fun.

As qoworkers, we take our work seriously but we never take ourselves too seriously.

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