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How embedded insurance is changing the insurance industry as we know it

Thursday 6 october 1:00 PM CEST
Hosted by Quentin Colmant
CEO & Co-founder - Qover
Rob Moore
Insurance Strategy Director
Stefano Bison
Group Head of Business Development
& Innovation
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How embedded insurance is changing the insurance industry as we know it

Thursday 6 October 1:00 PM CEST
Solutions for The automotive & mobility INDUSTRY

Your engine to
Pan-European car & mobility insurance

Enable your business to expand and innovate with seamless embedded insurance

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How can Qover empower my business?

Pan-European coverage
Digital customer experience
Ability to innovate
Access to real-time reporting tools

Why Qover?

Insurance done better

Pan-European ecosystem

Insurance doesn’t have to be hyperlocal – in fact, it can even expand along with your business. At Qover, we provide a harmonised, Pan-European proposition when it comes to auto insurance.

We’re licensed to operate in 32+ countries, which uniquely positions us to offer comprehensive, multi-country coverage – Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL), Motor Own Damage (MOD), personal accident, usage-based and more. That way, as your business takes on new markets, we’re right there with you.

But we haven’t lost our localised touch. Qover’s customer care team is centrally located in Brussels to provide support to your customers in over a dozen languages.

MTPL + MOD + personal accident insurance across Europe

Multilingual customer support

Digital, best-in-class customer experience

Insurance doesn’t have to be painful – it can be seamless and fully digital. Our insurance can be easily integrated into your platform so users can sign up for a policy and submit claims directly in your app or website.

Our products and services are coordinated in order to help you simplify the sales process, enable global IT integration and drive high levels of service for your customers around the world.

See how our digital claims experience works →

Online claims process

Centralised customer support

Quick to innovate

Insurance doesn’t have to be behind the times – it can be tech-forward and innovative. With our API-first technology, we can embed insurance into any automotive or mobility ecosystem.

That, combined with our global operational capabilities, means we can innovate quickly and consistently across all markets. Think of Qover as your one-stop-shop for insurance, so you can focus on your core business.

We’re constantly working on product innovations, such as creating comprehensive mobility packages and enhancing claims management through user-generated photos. We can easily adapt our products to any market segment – so you can provide the right auto insurance for your customers.

One-stop-shop for insurance

Adapted for any market segment

Real-time insights

Insurance doesn’t have to be boring – it can be dynamic and engaging. As one of our valued partners, you’ll have access to key insights, quarterly business reviews and a performance dashboard that keeps you informed about customer data in real time.

These customisable tools help fuel your business by optimising your commission volume and ensuring that you get the most out of our insurance solution.

Discover the API behind our user insights →

Access to key customer insights

Live dashboard to track performance

Our motor insurance products work for all types of businesses

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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Vehicle & car rental

Marketplaces & automotive intermediaries

New mobility & car sharing

Ride hailing & sharing

Car financing & fleet management

Car maintenance

Campers & recreational industry

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