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How embedded insurance is changing the face of regulation & compliance

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Embedded insurance would boost account usage for 60% of fintech users

For many fintechs, the name of the game in today’s uncertain climate has shifted from user acquisition to revenue. Embedded insurance can motivate users to spend more and/or upgrade to paid plans.
Financial services & fintech
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Alex Vickery
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Last updated
January 3, 2024
In a nutshell

What is embedded fintech insurance?

Many fintechs offer insurance that is included in a particular payment card or subscription plan. This means that users who are subscribed to that plan automatically benefit from certain coverage without having to purchase it separately.

What are the benefits of offering embedded insurance for fintechs?

Offering embedded insurance can help fintechs drive the user behaviour that fuels their growth, whether that be more frequent transactions, upgrading to paid accounts, increased wallet share and more.

In a survey of 5,500 fintech users, over half of respondents not only expressed interest in embedded insurance as a value-added service, but 60% said they would use their account more if offered coverage.

Embedding products like purchase or refund protection into your cards can give customers the confidence they need to shop more with their account.

Here’s what it takes for fintechs build a successful embedded insurance program →