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The client

Cowboy is an e-bike start-up that mixes design elegance, affordability, and technology to connect owners to their bikes through an app. Cowboy’s main goal is to improve urban mobility and take commuters to their destination in a more enjoyable, sustainable and efficient manner. Founded in 2017 by start-up entrepreneurs Adrien Roose, Karim Slaoui and Tanguy Goretti, Cowboy is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

The challenge

Cowboy unites innovative technology, sleek design and impeccable customer service in one electric bike, designed for freedom of movement around the city. The bike is sold in several European countries.

With the risk of theft and damage being a key concern for bike riders in cities, Cowboy was looking for a solution to support its customers in the best possible way when it comes to theft and damage protection. It was clear that only a 100% vertically integrated insurance solution allow the seamless user experience that Cowboy promises its riders.

The biggest challenge was to find an insurer that is able to create a seamless experience. After all, being active in several countries meant that Cowboy had to comply to local insurance laws and local claim management requirements.

The insurance API connects with the Cowboy app, allowing remote diagnostics.

The solution

To marry the needs of this mobility start-up with those of an insurer Qover created a cross-functional Qover squad, from insurance specialists to developers. The team worked closely with Cowboy to create a seamless insurance experience through a simple tick-the-box onboarding.

The bikes are packed with technology and sensors that can monitor unauthorised movement, GPS tracking and remote diagnostics. Being digital integrated is already almost mission impossible for a traditional insurer. Let alone having a harmonised and simple way to connect a pan European insurance solution, with a 90% customer satisfaction.

Qover is insurance agnostic so after extensive market research, Qover found that NN Insurance Services NV would be the best insurance partner. By helping Cowboy to explain its business and solution, like the Find My Bike feature, Qover was able to negotiate far better premiums and get them the best deal on the market.

An integrated insurance is a great way to add value to the customer experience.

It was a pleasure to work with Qover. We love technology and bikes but we have no insurance experience. It’s a complex matter, especially if you want to scale the product in different countries. Qover helped us to define the best product for our customers and bring it to our customers.

Tanguy Goretti
- Founder Cowboy

The results

Cowboy users in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Germany can choose between two insurance packages Easy Rider Standard and Easy Rider Plus. Almost 50% of Cowboy bike shoppers add one of the insurance packages to their basket which shows Cowboy is clearly offering value to their riders and community.  

For Cowboy itself it couldn't be easier, with just one partner which centralises everything from claims management to customer support.

The Cowboy e-bike has a unique customer experience. The only way to keep control over it was to use a 100% embedded insurance solution.
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