European bike insurance safety net Qover extends to the Nordics

Published date
June 13, 2022
In a nutshell

European InsurTech Qover is pleased to announce it will be extending coverage to 4 new countries as of today, furthering a commitment to the bike industry which has been part of the company since launching its bike insurance solution in 2020.

Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark will now benefit from Qover’s accessible, tech-powered approach to bike insurance – joining the likes of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK. 

“By adding these 4 key countries to our growing list, Qover is now providing easy access to bike insurance in 12 countries, ensuring customers are covered when they need it most – so that they can live their lives to the fullest through the brands they love,” explained Parker Crockford, Chief Revenue Officer at Qover. 

Customers will be able to buy insurance – such as comprehensive protection and emergency assistance – at checkout with their bike. And thanks to Qover’s innovative API, they can add it to their cart in just one click – creating a seamless user experience. 

Directly integrating insurance into the purchasing process – whether online or offline – gives bike manufacturers, retailers and stores more opportunities to engage with their customers after the initial sale. By harmonising services across multiple channels, companies can improve the user experience by helping customers purchase bikes, accessories or additional services wherever they are. And with Qover’s omnichannel solution, they can add insurance in-store, with the option to finish their transaction online or vice versa.

“Qover’s first push into bike insurance came in 2019 as Cowboy revamped the bike market with its new e-bikes. By 2020, we started our Pan-European growth, so this expansion is a logical step toward creating a sense of security for our partners' customers around the world,” said Quentin Colmant, CEO and Co-founder of Qover. “From occasional riders to daily commuters, we’re proud to help create a sense of security that keeps customers returning to the brands they trust.” 

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Coverage details:

  • Coverage is active 24h/7 in the case of theft, attempted theft or theft after an assault,
  • No depreciation is applied to the bike’s value during the first 36 months, meaning riders will receive the bike’s full value, minus a deductible,
  • Material damage caused by an accident, vandalism, animals or natural elements is covered,
  • Refund of the repair costs, replacement of your bike and fixed accessories are included in the damage protection,
  • Bike towing and the rider’s trip home are covered in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. Otherwise, emergency cash is provided.