Qover granted coverholder approval with Lloyd's of London

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More room for product innovation for the Belgian Insurtech start-up Qover thanks to agreement with the Lloyd’s of London.

Brussels, Belgium - Qover, the Belgian Insurtech start-up first European B2B2C open APIs sliced and on-demand digital Insurance-As-A-Service, is pleased to announce today its status as approved coverholder with the Lloyd's of London.

Qover’s position as a Lloyd’s coverholder represents a significant leap forward in its scale up as an Insurtech leader. The agreement with the established UK insurance market grants Qover access to the Lloyd’s brand, its founding syndicates, financial security and top-notch ratings. Therefore, the start-up receives the ability to design a wider range of innovative products and distribute them on the European market.

Jean-Charles Velge, Co-Founder of Qover, said: “We are honored by Lloyd’s decision to appoint us. This decision broadens Qover’s sphere of action. The main benefit of being a coverholder lies into the ability to build unique insurance products for our B2C partners. It means that when we identify a market opportunity, we can turn to Lloyd’s and quickly develop a dedicated coverage for it”.

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