Qover sets new insurance standard with electric bike designer Cowboy

Published date
July 31, 2019
In a nutshell

Qover, the insurance partner for digital businesses, launches groundbreaking connected insurance with award-winning electric bike designer Cowboy.

Cowboy’s vision is to unite innovative technology, sleek design and impeccable customer service into one electric bike, designed for freedom of movement around the city. With the risk of theft and damage being a key concern for bike riders in urban areas, Cowboy is determined to support its customers in the best possible way when it comes to theft and damage protection.

Designing a seamless insurance experience

Elevated user experience is at the centre of Cowboy’s philosophy. Quentin Colmant, Qover CEO and Co-founder says, 'From the get-go, it was clear that Cowboy needed 100% vertically integrated insurance. To make it happen, our cross-functional Qover squad – from insurance specialists to developers – worked closely with the Cowboy team. The result is the Easy Rider Standard and Easy Rider Plus plans, an insurance experience worthy of a multiple Red Dot Award winner.'

After extensive market research, Qover found that NN Insurance Services NV would be the best insurance partner. While the frontend is a deceptively simple with a tick-the-box interaction, insurance itself is more complex. The needs of an innovative mobility startup need to be married with those of an insurer.

Connected Pan-European insurance

By helping Cowboy explain its business and solution – such as the Find My Bike feature – Qover was able to negotiate far better premiums. The bike’s sensors are also able to notify users if there are unauthorised movements, like in the case of theft. Cowboy also allows completely remote diagnostics of the bike’s health, which eliminates the need for taking pictures or consulting experts, therefore speeding up the entire customer experience.

Cowboy is active in four markets: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. The packages will first be sold in Belgium and the Netherlands, quickly followed by other markets. The Easy Rider packages further prove Qover’s ability to execute Pan-European deals in a matter of weeks.

'We want Cowboy to be a constant companion of our customers in their urban lives, and we want them to feel safe, comfortable and protected on their journey,' said Adrien Roose, CEO and Co-founder of Cowboy. 'Our teams worked closely together to make this happen. Qover has proven to be a true partner that perfectly understands our business needs.'

Full theft and damage protection with Easy Rider Standard and Easy Rider Plus

All Cowboys can use the free Easy Rider Basic plan with the Find My Bike feature. Customers who want to go the extra mile to ensure their bike is safe and sound can now choose between two protection packages: Easy Rider Standard and Easy Rider Plus.

  • The Easy Rider Standard package insures Cowboy bike owners against theft. Owners of a stolen bike will receive a voucher for a new bike to ensure that their mobility is not disrupted. Filing a claim is very easy: customers only need to scan a copy of their police report and fill out a short online form – all centrally available in the Cowboy app.
  • The Easy Rider Plus package offers damage insurance in the event of vandalism or a crash, in addition to the theft insurance. Customers on this plan also get access to the fastest customer support Cowboy offers, prioritising them in the event that they need help with their bike.

Both packages include a real-time notification as soon as the bike is moved without the owner being near it, alerting them to a possible theft or damage attempt.