InsurTech pioneer Qover unveils embedded insurance orchestration technology

Published date
November 17, 2022
In a nutshell
  • With this groundbreaking new tech category, businesses can quickly and easily integrate tailored insurance products to digital experiences
  • Known as an ‘InsurTech fabric’ the technology means companies can add any insurance program to any new or existing program free from legacy infrastructure
  • Removes complexity and fragmentation from the insurance industry – delivering better outcomes for businesses, employees and customers

Tens of thousands of companies that would benefit from being able to offer their customers insurance will be able to do so from today.

For too long, insurance products have been complicated and hard to understand, with small print that leaves you confused about what’s covered and claims processes that are hard to navigate. Trying to cover the entire insurance value chain at once has not been easy for businesses – there are simply too many complex components – and businesses struggle to sell policies.

That has now changed. Today sees the unveiling of a new InsurTech category at Slush, the world’s leading start-up event. Embedded insurance orchestration promises to allow any business where customers or employees would or should adopt insurance to do so, bringing the industry up to speed with the digital age.

The technology provides a modular infrastructure that allows businesses to add insurance at any point of the user journey, whether that be at the point of sale or myriad other occasions such as email or phone follow-ups. Without the need for a lengthy migration process, this plug-and-play solution promises to be transformative for clients who previously relied on disparate business partners to work on each different element of the insurance process.

Integral to this new category is the InsurTech scale-up Qover’s solution that, via a single API, can add brand-new, completely tailored cover to any company’s digital products and services, meaning organisations across 32 European nations – including the UK – can quickly add insurance to any line of business regardless of industry, from motoring to banking to retail.

Qover’s clients have access to a flexible, full-stack insurance platform, meaning that any business can offer simple, personalised insurance via a range of policies including accident, mobility, pet, property, purchase and travel. This is achievable thanks to Qover’s fully modular insurance fabric, which enables businesses to ‘pick and choose’ which insurance component works for them, ranging from claims to user portals. 

For brands looking to increase acquisition, facilitate greater engagement or differentiate themselves from competition, this tailored insurance offering is an effective driver of customer and employee behaviour.

For retailers, embedded insurance add-ons attract prospective buyers by offering a greater level of personalised service than the competition. Meanwhile, for FinTechs, purchase insurance can help convert users to paid plans, as well as encouraging broader card usage and boosting brand loyalty. Brands also stand to benefit from boosting their employee offering: Qover works hand-in-hand with gig-platforms, allowing market leaders to offer tailored insurance to all their employees, helping to retain talent in crowded job markets.

For customers and employees themselves, the benefits are self-evident. Simple, customisable on-demand insurance gives them the peace of mind that purchases are sound, services are reliable and they are covered to have confidence in their everyday lives.

Quentin Colmant, CEO & Co-founder of Qover said: “For a long time we’ve held the belief that the insurance industry has to change. It has remained too disconnected, too fragmented, in order to serve its purpose of protecting customers from unfortunate events.” 
“Embedded insurance orchestration changes that by enabling any business to orchestrate the insurance experiences they need on a global scale – no matter their operating market, or industry. In reality, what this means is that our product can protect your customers and employees – providing a better, stronger experience that drives the behaviours your business needs for success.”
Embeded insurance orchestration ecosystem map

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