Qover awarded silver medal sustainability rating by EcoVadis

Published date
February 28, 2024
In a nutshell
  • Qover awarded Silver Medal sustainability rating by EcoVadis, showcasing its dedication to responsible business practices.
  • EcoVadis recognises Qover with a high score of 70 in Ethics, Human & Labour Rights, reflecting its commitment to equality and social responsibility.
  • Qover's pursuit of sustainability ratings aligns with its vision of becoming a B Corp, reinforcing its dedication to ethical business practices and societal impact.

Qover, a leading insurtech driven by a vision of creating a global safety net through insurance, has received a Silver Medal sustainability rating from EcoVadis, a global provider of sustainability evaluations.

This recognition signifies Qover's commitment to excellence in sustainable practices and responsible corporate conduct, underscoring its role as a driver of positive change within the insurance industry. EcoVadis awarded Qover with a high score of 70 in the Ethics, Human & Labour Rights categories, reinforcing its dedication to equality and social responsibility. Providing an inclusive workplace environment is part of Qover’s DNA, which is reflected in the company’s 0% gender pay gap, resulting in equal pay between men and women in the organisation. 

Qover's attainment of the EcoVadis Silver Medal not only reflects its dedication to sustainability, but also serves as a solid foundation for Qover's aspirations towards achieving further certifications. Through setting exemplary standards and encouraging continuous improvement, Qover emerges as a purpose-driven entity dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the industry.

Caroline Hanotiau, General Counsel and Head of Sustainability at Qover, said: "Qover is honoured to receive the Silver Medal from EcoVadis, reaffirming our commitment to operating as a socially responsible and ethically conscious organisation. This recognition places us in the top 15% of companies in the same category, underscoring our ongoing efforts to ethical business conduct, work practices, and sustainable procurement. Our pursuit of further recognition aligns with our long-term vision of becoming a B Corp, further solidifying our dedication to responsible business practices.” 

With ethical and social governance at the forefront of its operations, Qover is poised to shape the future of the insurance industry with its positive contributions to society, steadfast pursuit of excellence and delivery of high-quality service to its partners.

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