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Ensuring success: Qover’s rebranding story

You might have noticed our new look – here’s the story behind it.
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November 23, 2022
In a nutshell

This is the third time in six years we’ve given Qover a makeover. But this time, it’s much more than a branding exercise. Now more than ever, we believe our brand and messaging reflect where we’re going and our vision for the future.

Over the past 6+ years – amidst plenty of trial and error – we’ve really honed in on what we do and how we do it. But illustrating that to the outside world has always been a challenge.

(B2B and B2B2C embedded insurance don’t make for the easiest elevator pitch.)

How do we clearly explain Qover’s role within the embedded insurance world – both in terms of brand identity and messaging?

And how do we invite people into that space so they can feel part of our vision and mission? (While we’re at it, let’s actually document what our vision and mission are.)

qover's company vision, mission and north star

After all, we can’t exactly call ourselves a start-up anymore. We’re over 100 employees strong and work with major partners all over Europe and the UK. 

We might be a scale-up, but we sure didn’t look like one.

When we enlisted Design by Structure to help bring our rebranding project to life, we knew that we not only wanted a sleeker, more modern look and feel, but we also wanted to convey our platform and product in a simpler way.

It only made sense, then, that our rebranding journey became two-fold: define a new category and design a new brand.

Enter: embedded insurance orchestration.

A full InsurTech fabric that can build and integrate any program, anywhere. Designed to remove complexity from the insurance landscape, it’s adaptable to any new or existing program and entirely free from legacy infrastructure.

This is reflected throughout our new branding:

  • The way our colours merge depicts the orchestration elements working together.
  • The tail of the Q in our logo represents adding a missing piece of the orchestration layer to create a full program.
  • The shadows behind the visuals hint at the tech layer supporting everything we do.

While we love our new look, what we’re particularly proud of is how the different elements of the insurance value chain are highlighted to show how we fit into this new category.

We’re so much more than a facilitator or intermediary – we’re also a tech provider, claims handler, product designer, insurance advisor, regulatory demystifier, customer service administrator, data supplier and much more.  

Our embedded insurance orchestration enables you to pick and choose the elements you need to complete your insurance program or opt for a full-stack approach.

With our new website setup, you can explore each feature of our modular insurance fabric; delve into your industry’s use case; dive deeper into our insurance solutions and specific products; and get industry insights from our revamped resources section.

We’re on a mission to enable every company to orchestrate insurance with technology, enriching their value proposition and enabling their success.

In doing so, we aim to create a global safety net with insurance, empowering people to live life to the fullest.

What do you think of our new look? Let us know. We’d be happy to discuss that or talk more about how we can ensure your success.