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Are your customers expecting more than a bike?

Offer them the ease of mind of an all-in insurance

Protect against theft

When commuting more regularly with an e-bike, many people would rather have it insured against theft so that they do not need to worry about their costly e-bike parked in the open street

Protect against material damages

E-bikes require a significant investment from customers, and they tend to be used on a daily basis which increases the potential risk of material damages.

Assistance 24/7

Who never got stuck on the road with an empty battery or a broken chain? Offer them the assistance they deserve.

Enrich your offer with a high-value service

One thing's certain: cycling is booming all over Europe, and it's not going slowing down anytime soon. An increasing number of commuters and families are adopting bikes as a real means of transport.

With this trend comes the need for comprehensive protection, offering peace of mind and emergency assistance, just like with a car. With insurance, your customers get the flexibility and security they need in an uncertain world.

Thousands of bikes insured in Europe

Best market coverage

Reinforce your brand with positive experiences

Strengthen consumer trust and deliver a positive brand experience every step of the way. Thousands of bikes are stolen every year – which we all want to avoid! But should theft happen, we've got your customers’ backs.

As a trusted partner, we ensure that your brand is reflected in the superior customer care we deliver to your clients. But don't just take our word for it, check out our numerous TrustPilot reviews!

95% consumer satisfaction score

TrustPilot score of 4.6/5

Increase your income effortlessly

In addition to bringing value to your customers, insurance is an easy way to increase your revenue. Results are nearly immediate: each new contract generates profits for your company with minimal effort.

>60% conversion rate at checkout

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Supporting you wherever you are

With a single integration, offer insurance to your customers anywhere in Europe

We are licensed to operate all over Europe

Czech Republic
United Kingdom
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Embedded insurance boosting customer satisfaction and revenues

Embedded insurance, seamless experience

Tailored to the needs of increasingly connected customers, our innovative API solution provides your customers with a beautiful experience perfected to the finest detail.

Popular with top bike brands

>60% conversion rate at checkout

Europe-wide coverage

Trusted by these amazing brands & more

Qover-me, your white-label solution

Qover-me is designed to meet the needs of a variety of partners. Offering insurance has never been easier. 

Accessible via a link or using a widget, Qover-me supports your customers all the way.

Popular with bike shops and aggregators

Customers are happy, and so are we!

Available in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK

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This next-generation insurance protects your customers' bikes against theft and material damage.
Curious to learn more? Feel free to contact us or to read the General Policy Conditions and the Insurance Product Information Document available for Belgium as an example.

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