Integrated insurance for Angell's smart urban electric bikes

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The client

Angell is a French e-bike start-up founded by entrepreneur Marc Simoncini, whose ambition is to revolutionise the urban electric bicycle.

Designed by the French artist Ora Ito, the lightweight Angell bike has been extremely well-received with more than 8,000 orders for its launch in 2020.

The challenge

With the Angell bike, Marc Simoncini wants to combine a better mobility experience in European cities with a unique design. In addition to being one of the lightest e-bikes in the world, the Angell bike is also equipped with advanced technology. 'Seventy percent of the Angell project is software,' Simoncini explains.

The design features an integrated display, allowing users to select different levels of assistance directly on the bike itself. The touchscreen helps keep track of weather forecasts, air quality information, battery levels, speed and calories burned. Other innovative features, such as notifying an emergency contact or displaying turn-by-turn directions, are also part of the smart e-bike’s offer.

Angell strives to offer the best urban mobility experience.

A quality aluminium and carbon frame, a superior removable battery, hyperbolic indicator lights and an innovative integrated display – there are so many reasons to have good protection and 24/7 assistance, despite a built-in lock and alarm system!

Committed to providing an outstanding customer experience, Qover's digital insurance solutions were the perfect match for Angell. From the very beginning of the project, it was clear that a vertically integrated solution would allow Angell to deliver on its promise of having the best possible customer experience that extends to its insurance offering.

Insurance is global, yet highly local at the same time, so Angell needed a partner who could provide a seamless Pan-European insurance solution in the countries where it operated – all while complying with local insurance laws and claim management requirements.

'70% of the Angell project is software,' explains Angell CEO Marc Simoncini.

The solution

To meet the needs of Angell's ambitious project, Qover proposed its digital-native API solution, which was already active with blue-chip partners like Deliveroo and Cowboy.

This API solution allowed Angell to easily integrate a multi-country insurance product on its own website and app, offering a one-stop-shop solution and simple tick-the-box option for its customers.

The entire digital and insurance process – from claims management to customer service – is centralised at Qover, which allows Angell to focus on its core operations.

Qover's embedded insurance for Angell customers at the time of checkout.

Angell and Qover were the perfect match. Insurance is a complex matter and highly local so we needed a partner capable of connecting all the dots and advising us on the best solutions for a flawless customer experience. Qover helped us define the best product for each country and implement it as a simple checkbox for all our users. A brilliant solution!

Jules Trecco
- Co-founder of Angell

The results

Thanks to a simple and efficient technical integration in the form of an open API, Angell was able to integrate a comprehensive and competitive insurance product – an ideal solution for customers looking to insure their brand new bike in just three clicks.

Our insurance products were optimised for Angell, creating real value for the Angell community, which also benefits from the best coverage on the market at the best price. Insurance can be added at checkout or via the Angell app – customers choose what suits them best!

Qover's digital solution enables Angell to offer insurance – as a first phase – to all users in France and Belgium. Germany and the Netherlands are soon to follow.

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