• Deliveroo
  • Immoweb
  • Vanbreda
  • Poppy
  • Nomad
  • Cowboy

Gig Economy

Deliveroo the award-winning food delivery service was looking for a flexible insurance to protect their riders in Europe.

New revenue streams

Leading real-estate platform Immoweb was looking for a partner to offer a digital insurance. Qover proofed to be the perfect partner with a 100% digital flow and flexibility to launch innovative products in a short timeframe, allowing them to quickly test the positioning to the market.

Travel insurance

Belgium's leading broker Vanbreda was looking for a partner that would be able to connect a travel insurance to its digital platform via a robust API.

New mobility solutions

Poppy is the first European shared mobility platform to offer 3 mobilitysolutions in 1 app. Poppy is now counting almost 1.000 vehicles spread over the 2 biggest Belgian cities: Antwerp and Brussels.

Travel insurance

Nomad Assistance leveraged Qover's platform to launch a completely new travel insurance brand from scratch in a matter of months. The launch of the product shattered forecasted sales. 


Belgian e-bike designer needed a 100% vertically integrated insurance solution, capable of scaling through Europe without any problem. 


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