MyVanbreda Travel Insurance via Open API

The client

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is the largest Belgian insurance broker and a leading broker and risk consultant in the Benelux they also specialise in employee benefits. Vanbreda Risk & Benefits serves more than 60,000 clients.

The problem

Vanbreda, Belgium's largest independent broker, were building a digital platform that would allow their partners’ employees to buy insurance at preferential rates. Vanbreda already offered traditional insurance products—motor, home, personal liability, etc.—but were looking for a unique travel insurance that included great features and the best coverage at a super-competitive price.

Vanbreda was committed to maintaining full control over their customer journey, including ownership of the UX and UI for this digital platform, but they needed an experienced and reliable partner that could provide the insurance solution via a robust Open API. This collaboration would allow them to build the customer journey exactly as they wanted, but without the hassle of dealing with legacy ICT systems.


Travel Insurance API screenshot

Bart Casteleyn

Business Manager, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits.

As a promising Belgian Insurtech we were following Qover closely. We were happy to be able to launch the first fully digital travel insurance in Belgium together with them.

It was the perfect solution for our MyVanbreda platform. We look forward to exploring other products with the Qover team.


As a broker, Vanbreda had a very good understanding of the insurance market. Qover took the Vanbreda product specification and convinced Lloyd’s of London and the syndicate Sompo International to work together to build the perfect product. We also brought Allianz Global Assistance on board as an invaluable partner for the emergency and assistance administration.

In just a couple of weeks, Qover developed and delivered the Open API for Vanbreda so they could very quickly build out their own front-end for the digital platform. 


Seamlessly integrated travel insurance in the MyVanbreda Platform


In a record time, Vanbreda was able to offer its clients a 100% digital travel insurance with coverage that could not be found through other traditional insurance players. Vanbreda was able to expand its platform by delivering a best-in-class travel insurance to the market at an incredible price point.


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