The digital revolution in travel insurance

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In a nutshell

The digital revolution has had a profound impact on tourism in Europe and in the rest of the world. Information flows and access to a multitude of services are facilitated on the internet. Smart technologies enable travellers to imagine, build and plan their trips more independently and efficiently than ever before.

Opportunities knocking for travel businesses

The future of the travel industry is full of opportunities. With every step of the customer’s journey being paved with technology, some travel businesses are catching up fast on these new market dynamics and customer expectations.

As an integral part of the online travel agency offering, travel insurance solutions must also follow this trend and therefore be totally rethought to meet the needs of increasingly connected travellers while maximizing conversions.

At Qover, we develop insurance solutions to continue to evolve and impact positively the travel industry. In our idea of insurance, travel businesses should be offered flexible insurance solutions tailored to any type of travellers.

Some travel businesses are catching up fast on the new market dynamics and customer expectations

A seamless customer experience

As a fully digital partner, we are committed to creating a seamless customer experience and a clear and transparent offer that meets the needs of connected travellers. Thanks to a continuously improved customer journey, our conversion rates reach up to 40%.

Recognized for our agility and responsiveness, we deliver superior customer support with satisfaction rates consistently reaching a minimum of 95% (customer satisfaction rate certified by Zendesk Customer Service System).

Whatever the type of trip or the profile of your travellers, our travel insurance offers real flexibility at a competitive price. From a group of friends, a solo backpacker, a student going on Erasmus, an adventurous couple to a large camping-lover family, everyone can benefit from our travel insurance, regardless of the type of trip (short, long, single trip, multi-trips).

What’s more, our offer doesn’t impose a limit on the number of countries visited and the age doesn’t have an impact on the price. Your customers can even book our insurance product up to 24 hours before their departure. Goodbye hassle, hello peace of mind!

As part of our innovative insurance solutions, our ‘Multi-Trips’ product:

New horizons with a smooth and simple integration

Thanks to a smooth and simple integration on their website, travel businesses can integrate our insurance solution and boost their revenues by providing a complete and flexible product that is adapted to the needs of travellers.

Over the past 4 years, we have developed a unique digital solution capable of insuring thousands of people in Europe and fitting any sales process. Once the solution is integrated, Qover handles of both the digital and insurance processes - from claims management to customer service - allowing partners to focus on core operations.

Interested in learning more on how you can optimise your insurance offer with us? Do not hesitate to consult the General Conditions of our travel insurance packages or to contact us by filling out the form below!

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